Is your SEO New Year ready?

Since time immemorial nature has established the fact that adaptation is one of the best ways to prepare oneself for changes. The modern rule states that it is not just humans or beasts but popular trends too that requires evolving with time or shall fade away. And same goes for SEO.

2016 is rapidly nearing its end and we are about to step into a new year soon enough. New times, newer problems and so newer solutions. It is high time you ensured whether or not your enterprise is ready to meet with the latest customer expectations and also Google swiftly-changing algorithms.

But if you still haven’t, here are certain suggestions to help you ascertain the strength of your SEO strategies:

Close attention to audience

When strategizing SEO for one’s enterprise, marketers tend to give enough attention to keywords, which is in no way wrong but audience is also a significant element to be considered while strategizing. Before going forward with your strategies it is advised that you give some thought to questions like who your audiences are and what do they really need. Doing so shall prepare you for best serving them which in turn shall bring you valuable customers.

PPC shall be beneficial

As a major part of the alterations that were taken up this year came expansion of text ads, separate handling of mobile and desktop ads, showing up of search engine result pages in search results and so on. PPC happens to be a significant technique in discovering the exact keywords that have been used for making the searches. An evident increase in voice searches on mobile phones calls for better brand awareness and conversions methods to strengthen SEO strategies.

Artificial Intelligence and SEO

One technological development that is not just evolving but expected to spread its roots far and wide is the artificial intelligence. A recent usage of artificial intelligence has been made in the Rank Brain, a program by Google and one of the signals incorporated in the algorithm that determines the result in Google search page. With the advent of Rank Brain, the algorithms that would initially remain constant until updated shall now change constantly calling for more sharp and nimble SEO campaigns.


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