Is your SEO New Year ready?

Since time immemorial nature has established the fact that adaptation is one of the best ways to prepare oneself for changes. The modern rule states that it is not just humans or beasts but popular trends too that requires evolving with time or shall fade away. And same goes for SEO. 2016 is rapidly nearing its end and we are about to step into a new year soon enough. New times, newer problems and so newer solutions. It is high time you ensured whether or not your enterprise is ready to meet......

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What is Social SEO?

By now everyone knows what SEO is, but for those who do not, let’s have a quick recap of it. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, a digital marketing technique that helps you to be more visible to your searchers by ranking higher in the search engine’s results page (SERP). SEO works according to certain algorithms, and makes your website rank high when a user searches for words or phrases relevant to the content on your website. What is Social media? Social media includes websites and applications that enable users to connect with......

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Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Would it be anything new if I said that digital marketing is evolving? It is quite obvious that it is with each passing day. Digital is changing and people are embracing it with open arms! 2016 saw many new trends and it came to be a great year for all the online businesses that put their feet forward to stay ahead of the curve by adopting these new and effective digital marketing. Let’s take a look at the major digital marketing trends that were trending in this year, 2016: Mobile became the......

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Reasons Why Marketers Should Spend On Adwords

John Wanamaker, a popular merchant from United States, once said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half!” In case you can relate to what he is saying, and are struggling with a similar problem, then you probably do not know the value of Google Adwords. Google Adwords, or Google advertising, or Pay Per Click advertising, whatever you call it, all means the same. The question is how likely are you using its benefits to grow your business? To understand how Adwords can benefit your......

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